Do You have a passion and you want to share it ?

Moovento, Live your passion and let the others join you !

Available Soon On Appstore and Playstore!


Moovento is a mobile apps specialized in events organization, it aims to make easier events planning and coordination in customer to customer market place.

Whether it is for a conference, a sport activity, a birthday, sharing a meal with friends or any other kind of events, Moovento is the mobile application that everyone needs today to find and organize all events and involve all the people and friends around.

Here are all the possible events themes:

Art & Culture

Charity & Associations

Career & Business

Social Life

Friends & Colleagues


Running & Fitness

Passions & Hobbies


  • Find Events

    Explore and find events around your location, a filter is available to help you find what you are looking for.

  • Create Events

    Create your own events and make them private or public and paid or free.

  • Invite Facebook friends

    Invite your Facebook friends to your organized events and make them join Moovento community

  • Involve people around you

    People around your location can you a participation request and you can also invite them via moovento.

  • Pay & get paid securely

    Contribute to the paid events using your credit card or Choose whether to make your events free or not, which makes possible funds raising.

  • Events History & Reviews

    You have access to all the previous events which allows to review all the participants and organizers


We have made a very ergonomic design to insure the best mobile app experience for our users.


Join Moovento community now, Premium account will be free for the first 5000 users.